Need Help with remembering choices HELP

Hello everyone so in my story I want Amy the main character to choose who she would like to be with James, luke, or Chad but I’m not really sure how to do it can anyone help me :slight_smile:

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If this is a one time choice, I’d recommend using gains.

Who would you like to be with?
gain James
gain Luke
gain Chad

if (James) {
[Scene with James]
} elif (Luke) {
[Scene with Luke]
} else {
[Scene with Chad]

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thank you so much. So it would save who i will be with in future episodes.

Yes, using the if/elif/else. Do you want the reader to only be able to choice who they want to be with once?

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For example, lets say Amy chooses Jay right and in the next episode she get’s married to him is that because you used the gain



Yes. You will have to use the if elif else statement everyone though.

ok so for ever episode at the beginning i use the if elif and else

Yes. Everyone you have the guy (assuming he’s the love interest) in the scene you would need it.

There is another method of doing it, but you’d have to make an additional character. That may be less coding.

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