Need help with research (various ethnicities)


So I’m writing a story with some different ethnicities and I could use some help to avoid stereotypes but at the same time do not misrepresent them.

So my MC is Colombian, her mother too. Her father is African.
Her best friend is Asian (Philippines).
And I do have a character from Sweden.

That all I have for now but I do need help.
So share with me stereotypes you hate, things I really need to have in mind, as well physical traits.

I’ll need more ethnicities on my story since I’ll represent models from the world, so if you would like to have part on it, talk to me.

I surely need some diversity. :yellow_heart: And your voice helps me!

You can leave a comment or if you want to help me a little bit more contact me by dm or on my IG (@covinhas.episode).

Thank you. Kiss. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart:


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