Need help with romance!


Hey! So I’m currently writing a story called “Almost Stars” about a group of students that form a band. I’m really enjoying writing it and I don’t think it’s very cliche as of now so I think I’m doing pretty well :stuck_out_tongue: Mainly I just love the first episode and the music but I have a little trouble… See I write what I know and ehm IRL I’m not exactly super experienced in romance. I want to write a realistic romance between the characters, a real bond that’s not cheap or cliche. I don’t wanna write out of fantasy I want to really show the development of a connection between the friends/love interests. I don’t plan to publish any of it until I genuinely love each and every one of my chapters…
So I need someone who has IRL had their fair share of romance or a good mind for romance and wouldn’t mind me chatting to them and giving me advice on the forum.
Even if you can just post about a romance in your past or some tips for me I’d really appreciate! What makes a romance real to you?


I have had some expirence with Romance!!
What makes romance to me is probably when you’re in a relationship or before you start one both have to be really good friends they don’t need to be best friends cause if it doesn’t work out then you lost your best friend and lover (happened to me once) you got to have love, trust, and much more to be in a relationship. Every time you talk, hear, or see them you should get butterflys just by hearing their name your heart will flutter…


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Huh I never really thought about it like that. Perhaps by changing the relationship in the beginning it will be easier to develop it later on. I started with them as strangers but after reading that it might be the wrong way to go. Thankyou :slight_smile: