Need help with rotating

I wish I was able to find another forum on the subject before posting but I could not find it due to how confusing the forum change?
I feel stupid because I haven’t been able to figure it out. So sorry for making a new topic entirely…

How do you rotate characters?
I am trying to get my character to sleep in bed and I need help trying to rotate her so you can actually see her on my custom background.
I need to turn her upwards rather than sideways.

Hopefully this makes sense and I can get help.


I think you need to make an overlay of her in the exact position, then scale the overlay to fit the bed. I think that is the only way sadly.

Errr… @M_H_C_Episode I think you know the answer :thinking:

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You can’t rotate characters as far as I know. You have to make an overlay of the character in the exact position (:


Ok, I will try thank you sm!

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Thank you!! :brown_heart:

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Np (:

If you’re meaning the character needs to be upright then you can just use regular animations where she is standing or sitting upright and not sleeping/lying down and use an overlay of the bed/comforter to cover the rest of her body so it appears she’s under the blankets on her bed and/or zoom in closer. And for sleeping you can use hug_neutral_pose so that her eyes are closed or the hug sitting one and there’s a couple others that I can’t remember the name from but if you just look in art catalog and go through the animations you can find some other ones that can work.

Uhmm… Technically rotating characters isn’t possible yet, but if you want a 180 degree turn of the character/ upside down, you can add a negative sign at the scale of the spot command.

e. g.
@/CHAR spot -1.280 10 10 in zone 1

I hope this helps.

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