Need help with script error

Second episode

@zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 0
@INKFEMALEAVATAR spot 1.280 158 -12
@INKFEMALEAVATAR moves to layer 0
@BENJAMIN spot 1.298 66 -3
@BENJAMIN moves to layer 0
@JIMMY spot 1.280 286 -0
@JIMMY moves to layer 0
@BENJAMIN faces right

if (redwhite){

@JIMMY changes into redwhite

}elif (bluewhite){

@JIMMY changes into bluewhite

}elif (blackwhite){

@JIMMY changes into blackwhite


    JIMMY (talk_angry_accuse)
Hey I remember you!
Why are you always lying?

@speechbubble reset

    JIMMY (talk_angry_defensive)
You are that bully girl from my fifth grade!

What should I say to her?

Choice - Simple {

    JIMMY (think)
(What should I do now?)

“Be rude.”{

    JIMMY (talk_angry_accuse)
You deserve having no friends.

    JIMMY (talk_angry)
You made my entire year a hell!

    INKFEMALEAVATAR (talk_sad_clutch)
I'm sorry. I regret everything I did back then.

    JIMMY (scream)
Get out of my sight.

}"Be nice "{

    JIMMY (talk_neutral)
I hope you learned a lesson.

    INKFEMALEAVATAR (talk_sad)
I'm really sorry. I can't forgive myself.

    JIMMY (talk_happy_agree)
It's alright , I have forgiven you long time ago.

    INKFEMALEAVATAR (talk_apathetic)
Oh thank you so much. You are such a good person.

    JIMMY (talk_apathetic)
I forgive but i don't forget.

}“Ignore her”{

    JIMMY (talk_angry_stubborn)
Just ignore her Ben.

    INKFEMALEAVATAR (talk_sad)
Please listen me . I know I id mean things but...

    JIMMY (talk_afraid)
Imagine she doesn't exist.

    INKFEMALEAVATAR (talk_sad_timid)
It would mean a lot if you would forgive me.



    BENJAMIN (talk_startled)
Woah really?

It’s the point behind the bracket.

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Line 94

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Thank you sweetheart. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::kissing_heart:

Did it work? :slight_smile:

Yes it did :smiley: thank you a lot

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