Need help with script format

TIA for helping!


So I am trying to use character points towards a choice and I’ve read the recommended threads on that, however I am still struggling.

Can someone please write out how I would use character points and remember that particular choice further in the story?
The choice I’m trying to make you need 2 character points for an outfit.
The second choice is no character points for a different outift.

How do I do that PLUS remember the choices in the next scene?

Sorry if this is a complicated question, I still really struggle with advanced directing at times and could use the help.
Thanks! :hugs:

You don’t use the if/elif/else for the choice. You use a regular choice and add points to the character’s names.

The Points System


I’m not trying to add points, I’m trying to have the reader use points they’ve gained to pick a choice.
Is this how you do that?

Yes like that.

So this is what I have down, do I need to go into the app to see the choices?
I tried starting from line 1516 on my computer to see if the choices are available, but it just says what the narrator says on line 1520.

So I tried it in the app and the same thing happened. :disappointed_relieved:

Those aren’t choices. If you have more than 6 points then line 1520 will show and if you have less than 6 points then line 1525 will show.

It worked! Thanks!

Solved and closed. :smiley: