Need help with script

I put the music on my story at the beginning but it said that there is an error and idk what to do? Can someone help me

Did you put
music then music name

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Can you post a screenshot?

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Yes I did but some reason the music won’t play

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Can you send a pic of the script?

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What browser?

It could be because you’re on your phone.

Well the picture I took come from my phone so idk tbh

But I did it on my computer last night but I check it on my phone and they said error so idk

It’ll most likely be your browser then, I always got that Error whenever I didn’t use Google Chrome :thinking:

Oh well if it’s safari?

Hey I ask earlier about my music not playing so Here is the picture of it!

Try to make Steph idle_rear, I don’t know if that’ll do it or not :thinking:

It still doesn’t work idk what to do

Have you previewed it on the app yet?

I have and it works but not on computer

Are you using Chrome?


That’s probably why then, Episode seems to glitch on other browsers, try downloading Chrome then test it out!