Need help with small and large cover for an upcoming story!


I really need help with covers for my upcoming story. I need someone who can draw characters really well and will be able too help me with my problem. Please reply if you are able too help me and I’ll give you the details. Thank you.


Episode Studio or Episode Dreams can help.



Ok thanks!






Heh, I can’t draw, so… I’m out for this request.


I can try my best


i could help you?


I was summoned??

OOH I think Kate will be perfect for this! Her character edits are really good


I can do it!


Same. Exactly why I made this post lol :sweat_smile:


Can I see some of your guys work?


Yes can I pm you it in the morning? It is late right now


Ya sure no problem! It’s late for me too.


Okay, so here is a few!


They look really good!


Thanks for a full on drawing like in the first photo may take awhile but i can do it!

That was also my older one so it will be better!

@CoolBunnie98 can you give me the details!


Yes k! Let me just Confirm the character details and then ill get back to you.


Okay thank you!