Need help with smooth zoom on mouth in 6 seconds

I’m trying to zoom in on one character and then another character’s mouth while they are talking. I want nothing but her mouth to show. But when i try to do it, the zoom comes in at some weird angle around her shoulder then up to her mouth.
This is what I have so far:

@zoom on 0 302 to 191% in 0
@WYNDELL is talk_neutral
@zoom on 320 206 to 172% in 0
@zoom on 240 292 to 1175% in 6 AND WYNDELL is talk_neutral

I want it to look like Lexie is watching what Wyndell is saying very intently

You’ll need to change the coordinates to be the same if you want it to zoom in a straight line

Try changing the first zoom to
@zoom 240 292 to 172% in 0