Need help with some script errors! Please, I'm new here!

Hi guys! I’m new here and I’m writing my first story, but I need help with two things:

  1. In my first episode, my characters needs to change the outfit in the middle of the episode, but everytime I update to test my story, my character is wearing these clothes since the beginning. I’m afraid that this is going to happen to my readers as well because if it does, it would be terrible! Help please!

  2. There is a scene in my first episode full of people in the background, and I would like for it to appear after a transition fade in, but when I test my episode, the characters appear before the transition, I want them to be there when the transition starts, not before neither after, help <3

  1. This happens whenever you restart an episode in your preview. In order to get back to the characters original outfit, you have to reset the story.

But this doesn’t affect the story when the reader is viewing it. Because the reader can’t restart an episode.

  1. If you’re using the fade in transition, you have to add the command after all you’re characters have been placed.


@CHAR1 stands _______

@transition fade in _________

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