Need help with spot walking background characters!

Hi my lovelies!

I have a couple of background characters walking in the background using spot directing. However when I have them walking from one spot to the other my main characters (who are having a conversation) stop talking until they have finished walking. It basically puts a huge gap between sentences and makes it quite awkward haha.

How do I get spot walking background characters going and main character conversations happening at the same time?

Thanks in advance!

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You can use &.
For example:

&Extra1 walks to screen right in zone 2 AND Extra 2 walks to screen center in zone 2
MC (behaviour)
talk talk talk talk…
MC’s Bestie (behaviour)
talk talk talk talk…

The & is the action that happens with the things BELOW the &.
(You can also use & with zooms or transitions…etc)

Hope this helped! :blush:

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Ahhh!! I use the & all the time! I just didn’t think of that… Thanks so much!

Np! :blush:

What does the “Extra1” mean?

She just meant the character’s name eg. &bekamber walks to screen right in zone 2

bekamber = Extra1

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Thank you!

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