Need help with Story Description

Basic Description"Story is about 2 best friends since birth Laurel and Olivia going through life’s ups and downs. Through adventures and mishaps, they learn who they really are and what really matters in life."

I would like a more enthralling story Decription

Please help me

It’s good. Maybe u can put Laurel and Olivia in front then the rest.

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What about this-
Two best friends Lauren and Olivia born together… Living life in a state of ups and downs…
What are the adventures and mishaps by which they learn who they truely are and what really does matter in life???

Just a suggestion though…


I like a lot, it’s perfect thank you


I’m glad I could help…:grin::grin:

Get the help you were looking for? :slight_smile:

Yes thank you

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Glad this got resolved! Closing :v:t2: