Need Help with Story Ideas.. Ask me! <3

I feel like being SUPER GENEROUS * right now and I’m will to come up with ideas for you to plan your next story!! :relieved::grin::heart_eyes::sparkles::sparkling_heart:

So lay it on me!

What are you are you:

* Struggling with..
* Stuck on...
* Or Just wanna start from scratch

Gimme something to go on and I’ll see if I can build you a world! As much details you got and let’s try and get you on a roll! Any ideas are welcomed… if all you got is a place you want it to be centered around let’s build characters who live there… if all you got is a MC but you don’t know where they belong likes find them a home! :relieved::grin::sparkles:

****I know right… I’m soo nice… jk :rofl::rofl::rofl::kissing_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sparkles:


Honestly, I’m struggling with the concept of a whole plot line. I want to write but I have writers block all the time and think everything I write sucks. So if you could give me an idea for a plot line?? that’d be awesome! i want to write a romcom really bad!


I want to start from Scratch lmao…
Story name…Midnight Pleasure…
idk Thats as far as ive gotten…

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~asking cause i can never think of a plot and stick to it~

Could you give me more of an idea of what you want to happen and I’ll see if I can help you build on that

What do you want to happen I’ll come up with something :relieved::two_hearts:

well ik i want the genre to be drama…maybe some romance…other than that im open to anything lol like she could be a serial killer or she could be a nun or anything really i havent gotten anywhere

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Drama with romance huh… :thinking:

Do you have an idea of what the MC will be like cause that’s Drama/Romance is a vague concept

yeah Drama with Romance (but i dont want Romance to be the focus ) maybe some action idk

and yes shes gonna be a freshman in high school. shes gonna be like a nerd around teachers but like popular/cool with her friends BUT she isnt the popular girl(you get me) shes like an Inbetweener. She can be sassy and have an attitude with strangers but cool and protective around friends and im thinking maybe shy around guys becasue she’s insecure IDK something like that

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I want the main character to have an emotional trauma from her past that makes it so she can’t trust anyone but her two best friends and i want a love interest to be the bad boy who doesn’t like her at first, and the other to be the schools golden boy who’s always had a crush on her. any plot-twists or events i struggle so hard with.

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So a normal girl in high school with good friends… any bullies.? Should her LI be a transfer student…?! Is she the bully?! :scream: that’s would be cool if she was the bully and she meets the new guy and he’s really mellow and she slowly gives up being a jerk (maybe troubled home life) and falls for him :heart_eyes::joy: that would be a cool plot twist

Ooooh a misunderstood bully with a heart of gold and is actually intelligent :relieved: willing to put away her rough side for love of the new stranger who helps her realize she’s more than her past!

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What kinda trauma sexual abuse…:thinking: is she popular… or nerdy… is she friends with the golden boy and how does she come into contact with the bad boy?

@MystikLunaa Did that help at all? :grin:

Yes lol…I didnt think about putting a bully in maybe now i might…maybe her friend could be the bully or something and her and her friend compete for the new guy

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Ooooh yay!!! There ya go!!! Yay!! I’m so happy I could spark something up for you!! :heart_eyes::sparkles:

Happy Writing!! :writing_hand:t3: :two_hearts:

THANK YOU :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

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No problem :relieved::sparkles: PM me if you get stuck

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You bet your sweet ass i will hahahahaa

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:joy::rofl::joy: Happy to help :skull::black_heart:

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Omg you’re an angel, just what I need!
I’m stuck on a choice! I’ve got two choices that take the MC on a small detour before circling back to the main story again and merging.
I’m extremely happy with the first choice, but the second one basically just takes the MC straight to the main story again… I have tried making different scenarios, but they all just feel ‘wrong’ and out of place… So now I’m completely stuck!

Here’s a short summary:
The MC Erica is a 16 yr old girl suffering from amnesia, she is found by the police department where she asks to get some fresh air. Standing outside the police department she gets anxious and gets to choose between trusting the officer and running away.
If she chooses to run away she runs to a street where she bumps into a mother and her son. The son is EASILY my favorite character in the entire story even though he only has like 6 short lines :joy: He has funny childish outbursts and is quite the handful.
The mother is worried about Erica because she is wearing dirty clothes and is all alone.
So the mother asks if she is ok and where her parents are. Erica is now faced with another choice: Lie or tell the truth. If she lies she says that her parents are in the store down the street. The woman is still suspicious so she asks which store. Now theres a timed choice! You have 4 second to either choose “The Walmart around the corner” or “The one where they sell french bulldogs and toast”
If you choose the first one the woman leaves you alone, but the officer finds you and takes you back to the station. If you choose the one with the bulldogs the woman takes you to the station.
If you chose to tell the truth in the beginning the kid would have a lot of funny remarks about Erica being an outlaw and so forth and the woman would still take you to the station.

Buuuuut if you in the very beginning chose to trust the officer it would basically just skip straight to the main story, which I think is sad because I love the other scenario…

I can’t come up with something good that could happen if she doesn’t run away… Maybe somebody bumps into her or something… I can’t figure it out… I also think it would be great if she was faced with a choice or two (maybe even a timed choice)

HELP! :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::pray::pray::pray::heart::heart::heart:

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