Need Help With Story Ideas :P

I’m trying to make a Limelight story but I keep finding myself deleting the story and redoing it over because I can’t seem to find a great story idea with a good plot. Anybody have any ideas?

What type of GENRE is it?

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I have a few ideas:
“In an alternate universe, whenever your soulmate writes anything on their arm, it shows up on yours as well.” (For this one it would be cool if they wrote important places to be, and the other person tries to track them down, but that may be just me :wink:)
“In an alternate universe, everyone is born with a unique tattoo. When you fall in love with someone, their tattoo shows up on your body as well.”
"Person A enters the library, looking around for the perfect biography for their school project on the shelves. The stumble into a section of the library they’ve never seen before, with only one book on the shelves. The book is titled, A Murder. Intrigued, Person A reads the book. Coincidentally, the MC has the same name as they do. And the main characters story seems quite similar to Person As life. Finally, on the last page on the book it says, “A killers shadow haunts (Person A).”
“Person A wakes up in an abandoned prison with dead bodies littering the floor. There is no escape.”
“You awake in a dark room, with a recording playing inside your ear. ‘One of the people in this room is desperate to kill you. The other two will do anything to save you.’ The lights turn on and there you see your two best friends and your crush.”
I hope this helped!

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I like that horror one sounds good.


Honestly it can be any type of genre but I’m not really a fan of doing all the sexual types of stories all the time I want something with action and adventure that involves drama.

Thanks so much! I love the Horror one.

No problem!