Need help with story ideas!

I’ve made so many stories in the past, but I never end up finishing them because I lose motivation and lose my creative abilities to think of things that can happen AHHH! I was just wondering if anyone could give me some alternative romantic plots that aren’t the classical good girl falls in love with bad boy, because DESPITE EVERYONE LOVING THEM they can get quite boring. So PLEASE if you have any ideas that you are willing to share, please send any and everything! I am open to absolutely everything! Thank you :blush: <3

Edit: I had an idea to have two characters meet in therapy or something, or like this girl goes to a club with her friends one night and meet this mysterious guy but I’ve got a brain block so I don’t know where to go from there ahhhh

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I’ve also though about two person meeting in therapy!

Here is an idea that you’re free to take (if you would like to.):

The story is set in Japan or Korea (but it would work in any country.) The main character is a boy who has parents and a general surrounding that has very high expectations on him. He needs to get A+ or he would be a disappointment to them.

In the lower grades it was easy to get straight A:s, but the boy struggled when he got older. He slowly started to isolate himself and just stay in his room, sleeping all day or maybe watch YouTube or play video games. His parents don’t know what to do with him, and they’re ashamed. The MC has an eight year older brother who is really successful (which doesn’t help with his self esteem). One day the brother comes back home for a visit and notice that somethings wrong. He suggests therapy.

So the MC starts going to group therapy (against his will) and there he meets this boy (it could be a girl but I originally though it was a boy group). They became friends and tried to sneak out of therapy together and hate on the world together stuff like that. But one day this boy doesn’t come to therapy and MC gets devastated. (Maybe cliche.)

After some moths he tries to find his friend/lover and I don’t know what happens next. Maybe he finds out that his friend/lover tried to commit suicide and is in the hospital. (Or he could have moved, or just been scared about the relationship.) Anyhow, the MC has to be brave and confess his feelings because both boys (or girl and boy) struggles with that.

The story could end with them being a couple and helping each other to interact with the outside world again, or the story may end sad. They are together a while but it doesn’t hold. One may be able to finish school and get a job and the other doesn’t.

I should stop now hahaha you get the point :joy:


OMG this is a really great idea, thank you so much :blush: THANK YOU AHHHH

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Thank you for thinking that haha :blush:

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