Need help with Story!

Hi I want to write a story for so long I’ve tried but failed I have soo many ideas but not the right one can anyone help me

If you need something, let me know!

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Thank you sooo much


I have a MC but I can’t a way to fit her into a story. Do u have any suggestions

Tell me about her.

She has straight black hair, pale skin, dragon tattoos and snake tattoos on her arms and torso and piercings on her nose tongue up her ear and on her left eye brow

Woah. Uh… Lemme think.

I want to know about her personality. I’m guessing that she’s goth, but that can fit into a million different things. What type of story is it? Is it Romance, Action, Drama, Adventure, Mystery…? What type of story do you want to write? Is this one that the reader participates in a lot, (lots of impactful choices and/or customization?) Or is it a story that you want to tell yourself?

There will be choices no character customisations it will be drama/action/mystery but mostly mystery she’s fiesty and I’m not sure about the rest

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Okay then! I’d probably generally find this type of character in a gang (all the rage these days).


If you wanted to be different, maybe she’s an opposing force to the gang. Maybe she’s in the FBI and she goes undercover to bring some criminal action down. Maybe this goth look isn’t what she normally looks like (maybe it is), but a disguise. Perhaps there are some family ties that make her assignment a bit difficult. Maybe this criminal action isn’t so criminal after all…

Ahhh and ( because I feel like it) she can have someromance between the leader that makes her a criminal too. So we can have a bit of drama in it. Do you have any ideas for mystery if you do you can tell me tomorrow or another day thank you so much for your help

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Or some one high in the ranks of the gang

We’ll see you

Sure thing! I check back on the forums probably 3 times a day or whenever I get an alert that someone messaged me, so when you’re ready to talk, let me know!

Also, nothing wrong with a bit of romance. Because this ‘gang love’ topic is pretty hot right now, you’re going to need to put a major twist on this. Think about what you can do to make it different!


Yeah I’ve read venemous