Need Help With Story


Hey, I know how to work episode pretty good, but I am having really bad writers block on how to start my story. I was wondering if anyone can help me?

The story is about an undercover detective who is assigned to join the Italian mafia, and then she falls in love the mafia leaders son.

That’s kind of a summary but not the official summary as I may change things in the future and there is more to the plot than that…

Anyways I wanted to start it with someone being killed or a character being introduced, or something that foreshadows the future…but I don’t know what to write and what the beginning plot should be.

Thank you in advance:)


My advice: I know the beginning is what grabs readers, so when I write I usually have like 5 beginnings in my head. I tend to not focus too much on it and just start writing and draw out the storyline a bit and then when I feel like I’m secure in the direction I’m taking, then I go back and play around with the beginning.
If I’m drawing a complete blank, I walk away from my pc and go outside and find a spot to think about my characters and storyline. Calmer environments breed creativity.
I also go and read other authors stories.
The story I’m working on now also involves some violence and I brought that into the forefront at the start of my story. I can pm you a link if you wanna just check out the beginning.


thank you this is helps a lot. And it’s ok about the Pm I just think I will try and do the idea of making the storyline because I kind of went in blank, with only a little bit of the storyline. I’m gunna try and make 5 different intros like you said.