Need help with TABS! Please help me


Okay, so I am new at this so, I’m not sure what I’m doing. I want to add those tabs that drop down from the top of the screen, the ones that often give credits or extra info. Not sure on the proper name for it.

Does anyone know what I am on about? And if so, whats the code?

Please help, much appreciated in advance :slight_smile:

Yes, it is called readermessage, here’s the code :

readerMessage Then put here what you want to say

Hope this helps :two_hearts:

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You are a star! Thank you so much

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Another quick question, is there a certain way to credit a song? I was just going to put…

Credit: song name & artist

is that okay?

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Yes that is fine, maybe make sure to put :
Inspiration by “song name” by “artist”

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Thank you for your help:)

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Np :two_hearts: