Need Help With Tappable Overlay Script

Okay, this is my first time using tappable overlays, so what am I doing wrong. I want the reader to tap a book overlay and the book overlay would disappear

@transition fade in black in 2
&zoom on 320 0 to 100% in 0
@overlay UNDERWATER BOOK COVER opacity 1
@overlay 4622412012584960_UNDERWATER BOOK COVER shifts to 47 141 in zone 1
@overlay 4622412012584960_UNDERWATER BOOK COVER scales to 1.000 1.000
@overlay 4622412012584960_UNDERWATER BOOK COVER moves to layer 10

You've entered a mini - game. 
Before we get started, tap the book. 


@overlay UNDERWATER BOOK COVER opacity 1 in 0


What doesn’t work?

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When I tried to tap the book, it doesn’t tap.

Have you tried changing the command or code inside the tappable script? If you had something like goto [label] or something that happens like dialogue, it might work then?

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I would begin by deleting these numbers
And do you see the overlay on the screen?

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Removed the numbers, but it isn’t working.

I followed this step, hmmm I think its the last one im missing?

Setting a Tappable



} “OVERLAY_2” {


  • To set a tappable, use the same exact coding as a choice, but replace the word “choice” with “tappable”
  • Instead of option titles, you will use the overlay names in all capital letters.
  • Unlike a choice, you do not need to have dialogue to set a tappable.
  • All overlays must be onscreen in order to be tapped.
  • Overlays cannot be stacked on top of each other. The top layered overlay will be the only available overlay to tap.
  • The overlay will darken once tapped.
    > * Overlays can have an opacity of 0 (invisble onscreen) and still be available to tap. You can layer an invisible overlay over a character or a certain spot on a background and readers would be able to tap that character/spot.
    > * The tappable area of an overlay is the rectangle around the entire overlay, which includes the transparent background of the overlay’s PNG image.
    > * You CANNOT invert the scale size of a tappable overlay. Doing this will result in the overlay being un-tappable.
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Wait, testing it on the app so it tapped.

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if you want the book to disappear after tapping it, include this line under the choice:

@overlay UNDERWATER BOOK COVER opacity 0 in 0

since it appears you set the opacity to “1” instead of “0”.

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Did it work? I had the same problem a while ago and then I shifted the overlays a little more to the screen center and it worked :slight_smile:

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