Need help with text animating

I need help with animating my story’s text for it’s opening, I want it to slowly appear in the screen.I did create an overlay of it.
Also, if you’re intrested about my story feel free to check it here:


Check this out it’s very helpful

Can I ask for the artist of you cover art? It looks amazing. Thanks!

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I am the artist :smile: I’m so happy that you like it. (Also, my profile picture is made by me)

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Thank you very much :heart:
I did it :smile:

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Do you take cover art request or commision?

I do in general, but I haven’t done an episode commision, since my time is limited, I could do a half-edit, half-drawing for you if you would like that, PM me your story & the characters and what you have in mind for the cover.

Okay, thanks!

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