Need help with text effects!


Hey! Guys
I have read many stories that contains text effects like bold, italic etc…
So, I also wanted to add text effects in my story
And I was wondering how to do that because the guides um… how do I put it…
Yeah They just didn’t get to me or I just don’t understand it
I tried so many times but nothing happened except an error message

Can you guys help me with the text effects
I just want to know how to write it



What you need to do is have your text for example:


Hey! How are you?

If you wanted to have the word ‘are’ in bold, then you would go to the right hand side to ‘Text Effects’ and go to the part you want to be bold and then click ‘bold’
It will look like this:


Hey! How | bold | are you?

Then you would want to reset the text so the word ‘you’ isn’t bold, like this:


Hey! How | bold | are | reset | you?

So when played, it looks like this:

Hey! How are you?

*In the script it won’t be in italics it will be in an orange colour.

Hope this helped!


Check this thread out: Text effects help


Thanks a lot @MissNutella

I will try this out


It is pretty easy than I thought it was

Thanks @WinterMoon05


No problem. Happy to help! :wink:


Glad this got resolved! Closing :v:t2: