Need Help With Text Overlays

Hi everyone! I’m having some trouble creating text overlays and I don’t know what I’ve done wrong. I have already followed Dara’s tutorial but no text is appearing on my screen. Please do help me if you know how to fix this issue! Attached below is my script so y’all can see what I’ve done wrongly in the commanding.

Thank you!!:smile::heart:

i believe you need to specify the colour for the transition. if one thing in the script is faulty, nothing after it will work. hope this helps :relaxed:

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You panned to zone 2 so you need to add “in zone 2” to the shifts command

You guys, she’s asking help with the text overlay not the transition. The red x on the transition line is most likely there because that background hasn’t been approved yet.

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Ohh alright thank you!! I’ll try that out hehe