Need help with the backrounds

I can’t seem to figure out how to move the backround around. Not making it move, but choosing where on the picture I want the characters to be. If anyone understands what I meant by this, please help me. Try to explain it or leave a youtube video link (Yes, I already did try to find ayoutube video).


Do you mean something like this?

Panning the camera to a different zone?

If you want to do that, the code for it would be:

@pan to zone X in S

You need to replace X and S with numbers though

X would be the zone (1,2,3,4)
S would be the number of seconds

So, an example:

@pan to zone 2 in 3

This means that the camera will pan (slide) from the current zone you’re in to zone 2 in 3 seconds.

P.S You can also check out this thread: HOW TO: Stage Direction

Also, keep in mind, every background is different-some will have only 2 zones, some 3, some 1 and some just 1 zone.

If you mean moving the character around within a background, you’d need to use spot directing.

These two guides will be of much help to you:

And this one:

So if you want the characters on a different zone then you can either:

  1. Cut to that zone in the begging of the scene using ‘&cut to zone __’ Then you can say &CHARACTER stands screen left AND CHAR stands screen right, and they will be in the zone in which you cut to.

  2. Or you can put your characters in a different zone by writing: &CHAR stands screen left in zone 2

  3. You can use spot directing to put your characters in a more precise place. If you have trouble with spot directing, there are plenty of resources on it or you can message me directly with any further questions.

  4. Once you get to the zone where you want, you can zoom to the place in that zone where you want the camera to be. &cut to zone 2 &zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 0 – doing it with the ‘&’ sign will make the story start in that position rather than moving into it.

Let me know if this helped!