Need help with the character stay fallen on the ground


@THOMAS enters from right to screen center in 1
@AMELIA is faint AND AMELIA is idle_fallen AND THOMAS is run_fall
@pause for 1
@THOMAS is stand_up
&THOMAS walks to screen right
@THOMAS faces left

@THOMAS is arms_crossed_angry
@AMELIA is stand_up
@AMELIA is arms_crossed_angry

I want character amelia to stay fallen on the ground can anyone help me ? :slight_smile:


Is there an animation for a loop for it?


only the idle_fallen but she is not stay fallen


Does it do that for the faint too




Are you on the mobile or writers portal.


writers portal


Remove the “idle_fallen”


and how she will stay on the flour for a little while




She will stay on ground until she is prompted to do another animation. If you want her to do the idle_fallen animation AFTER she falls down (because the way it is now, she will only do 1 out of the 2 animations, or do none at Ll, then add @CHARACTER is run_fall THEN CHARACTER is idle_fallen, or add it on a separate line.


yes yes yes it worked thank you so much <3 <3 <3 <3