Need help with the choices script


hey everyone,
may someone please create a template for me to use?
I’ve tried to make a script but I don’t know its not working.
I want outfit remembering choices that can be remembered in the next chapter.


Check here :slight_smile:


It says: You need permission.


Why there’s an error?


Sorry I changed the link, it should work now :slight_smile:


delete the choice from the line 1979


also, the method you’re using at the moment won’t work (you mixed gains with naming choice method)


okay so, I have to make choices without gain and if/elif/else at first?
And then with gain and if/elif/else?


the if/elif/else method will be used in the next chapter?


yes, you need to make a normal choice for a dressing game, then if/elif/else method in the next chapter :slight_smile:


woofff… Thank you so much for clearing my confusion! :heart:


I have one more question :
Do I have to write gain with the outfit name?


There are two methods: gains and naming choices.

Read more about them here:

In my example I used gains (they don’t need to be named like choice)


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