Need help with the coding!

I don’t know if I change the way I calculate my points, do the readers gets update too? (sorry for the bad explaination). Here’s the examples:
Like I have love points.
As the you gain 1 love point I code @loveinterest +1
But I want to change the code into @love +1
Will the readers that already read my story get update, too?

They will only see/experience the “update” for whichever chapter the app will force them to re-read because you edited your story script(s).

The script sees @loveinterest and @love as two completely different characters so, no… it won’t update/change all of their loveinterest points to love points for the readers for all of the chapters they’ve read so far. :sweat_smile:

I mean it’s still the same points, but just another way to code it in my story. In this example, @love won’t be a character in the story, just a character I made to add points. Is that possible?

Yes, I understand what you mean, but the script still interprets @love as a separate ‘character’ to @loveinterest even though you’re only using them for points.

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Oh, thank you, that sucks 'cause I messed up that part.

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No problem! Sorry things didn’t turn out how you wanted.

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