Need help with the life of singers

Hey there! It’s me Celia
So I have recently started writting a story, and it has singers in it
I wanted to get a little more in depth with the life, and job ext, maybe when someone big is asking for a job, what d u say? How d u response?

Thanks to all for your help and don’t forget to tag people who u think can help



hi! i have a friend who is currently thriving in her music career (the producer of her songs also produced for Madonna, Destiny’s Child, Chris Brown and some others). I don’t know 100% of her life’s details, but i’ll try to help :))

to answer your question above, she met her producer from an international singing competition (WCOPA), the producer was one of the judges. she and her parents talked a bit with the producer, and eventually the producer agreed to work with my friend with her songs. that’s usually how it goes anyways-

i guess you’d respond normally and push all the agreements and documents later-

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Thank you very much

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no problem! <3

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