Need help with the plot line of my first episode

My story is about a girl whose dream is to become a musician, but during her school talent show her best friends steal her song and say it his… Years later he returns from his be tour

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Not to be rude or anything but I’m not really sure what you’re asking for…?
Help with your description? Help with the plot line of your first episode? Asking for opinions on your story? :sweat_smile:

oh sorry, yes I need help with the plot line of my first episode :grin:

That depends on how you want to tell ypur story

If you want it to be straightforward where the story is linnear and starts with people being told or shown the basic facts … You need to establish first the facts you wrote in the description.
You could also start it with him returning from the tour and have the remainder of the episode be a flashback as to why we should dislike him.

Just a few ideas

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no, thats good thxs

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