Need help with the sound

ok, this is my script but I don’t see an error. I went on the previewer on my phone but the last scene won’t play the sound. idk if i did it right can anyone help me?


@GIRL1 spot 0.208 133 331 AND GIRL1 faces right AND GIRL1 does it while idle_wounded

@pause for 1

@GIRL1 starts search

@pause for 1

@GIRL1 walks to spot 1.444 155 -80 in 5 AND GIRL1 does it while run_athletic

@GIRL1 starts deepbreath

@pause for 1

volume sound 0 2000

@zoom on 155 382 to 382% in 3

@GIRL1 walks to spot 1.444 49 -79 in 0.1 AND GIRL1 faces right AND GIRL1 starts talk_startled

sound scream_female_warped

@pause for 2

sound off

You turned the volume to 0 which is why you can’t hear the next sound. You need to turn the volume level up again.

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ok thx

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