Need Help with The Speechbubble Style and Previewing The Story


Hello, guys. I created a new story and named it as Demi Lovato (already changed the name of the story) because I want to use the purple speechbubble outline, but later when I want to test the story on my mobile, I found that this story didn’t show up on my “Playable Stories”… :cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:

Will name a story as Demi Lovato cause this problem or it just my app glitched? Thanks!


Make sure you’re logged in into the right account if you are it’s most likely a glitch. Send a support ticket HERE :blush:


Thank you for the reply! I’m sure I logged in the right account so I guess it’s a glitch… :pensive: I’ll submit a ticket right away.


Maybe this will help:


Thank you for the reply.

I don’t know why but the problem was solved after I created a new story.

So it seemed like it was just my app glitched. I hope this problem won’t happen again. :tired_face:


Is your story in INK or LL?


All of my stories are Ink.


Hmmm that isn’t a problem for me I have had troubles when I tried to create LL stories for covers (because I am also a cover artist) they wouldn’t show up so I suggest ^ like she said submitting a ticket and/or restarting you’re phone… Have they showed up before?


Thank you! I have never encountered this problem before. But luckily, the problem was fixed after I created a new story on the same day. Though I still don’t know what caused this problem. :sweat_smile:


Oh! That’s great glad you figured it out


How about yours? Did you fix the problem you mentioned in the earlier reply? :thinking:




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