Need help with the texting format

Hey guys, so it as it shows in the title, I need help with texting format.

So I asked someone to make my own phone bg for me as I didn’t want to use the black one that episode has but the text bubbles are too big and I don’t want to use the normal speech bubbles bc I want it to look realistic. I’ll show you guys what I mean.

So is there a way to them smaller? If not then I’m gonna have to use the normal speech bubbles.

If anyone knows how to, I really appreciate the help.

If u want to be able to adjust message bubbles u have to make separately, upload then as overlay
you will be having full control of the size.
Or else u can use wider mobile background! :wink:

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Got it, thank you and do you think you could help me with the coding? If you don’t mind

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shure, what exactly u need help with?

Well after I’ve created the overlays, just need help when I put the coding in and my first story is in Classic version

do u need the script for text bubbles overlay?

Do u want to change the character style?

Yes I need the script for text bubble overlay and no, I don’t want to change the mc style

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