Need help with the title!

Hey guys , my name is Jennifer H.:grinning:

Soon, I will start writing my story, but as I said, I need help with the title.

The story is based on my life. (which includes: Family, Friendship, and Love). so hope you can help me.

PS: Do you want it to be ink or limelight?

Thank you: kissing_heart:


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:grinning:Hi jenny can i ask what type of story you are writing in detail so I will be able to help you with the title

The story is about me and everything that has happened to me ever since I was 14-15 years old (now I’m 18 years old). I will write about my family, my friends and not least my first love. and some truths that almost change my whole life. :blush:

Hope it helps

(I’m from Norway, so sorry for my English) :disappointed_relieved:

It’s ok by the way i was asking that it is a mastery, romance, comedy like which type it will help me to suggest you the perfect title

Which part is most in the story friends, love, family

omg that is kind of hard to answer.

let say family and love (I’m not 100% sure)

it’s ok you mean its all about you love family friends give me 5 mins i will give you the title for your story

it’s like family drama, and love like love you know :joy::joy:

but I think that the genres could be drama and romance :woman_shrugging:t2:

Okay, thanks

i understand

hey jenny guess what now Iam full of title

what is the title?:star_struck:

There are a lot in my mind you have to select one :joy:

hahaha sure, just write it:hugs::sweat_smile:

If you choose family drama then pick one of these
strong text HOME (where my heart takes me )
strong text Some Letters To Life
strong text The story of me
If you choose romance love than pick one of these
strong textA Destination To love
strong textMy First Class of Love
strong textPerfect Impression
strong textSeason For You and Me
so do you like them

i love doing this i’m so excited i don’t know why

omg those are just sooooo amazing

i dont know which one should I pick

just to hear your opinion, which one do you think? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

i have another one for family like
La Famiglia e Tutto (means The family is everything)

I love all of them

But I must say, that my family part has actually more drama than love