Need help with the title!

if you choose both love and family than
Some letters to life is best
if romance than
My first class of love is best
if family than
home (where my heart takes me)

Really sorry to bothering you: kissing_heart:

And there will one big secret that has changed my life too

than some letters to life is best

life has love family mastery everything
I’m a writer and iam giving you a rare opinion but choose is yours


Totaly agree that some letters to life is best

I’m gald i could help

If you need any other help just text me

last question

Should I use Ink or Limelight?

Limelight is good but people like INK more than limelight because it is way to easy and realistic

Thank you so much again my angel <3

And one more thing

if you need more outfits you can request ( Andreea 1) on outfits request she is the best outfit maker

is it possible? so cool, but thanks

Ofcourse it’s possible jenny can i call u jenny if don’t mind

yeah sure, that what my friends calls me

ohhh my bad

no no

i meant that we are friends, so ofcourse you can call me Jenny <3

advice for your story don’t make it to long people will get bore 20 to 25 episode are good and don’t make chapters to long make them under 1000 lines or 800

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thanks friend