Need help with this overlay please


INT.CABINWINTER with SNOWMAN in zone 2 at layer 0

@cut to zone 2
@zoom on 455 164 to 264% in 0
@CECILIA3 spot 0.362 126 340 AND CECILIA3 faces right AND CECILIA3 is rear AND CODY spot 0.362 173 344
@overlay 6540809011986432_SNOWMAN shifts to 102 13 AND overlay 6540809011986432_SNOWMAN scales to 0.514 0.514

the snowman shows up in zone 2 then disappears to zone 1


When shifting you have to add in zone 2. If you don’t specify a zone it goes to zone 1 automatically.


Is that only for overlays? When specifying characters it isn’t like that when it’s in the same zone (unless maybe using a “&”)


It’s only for overlays.


i never had too this is my first time having this problem so how do i write it in the shifts


just put
@overlay OVERLAY shifts to blah blah blah in zone #


@RYAN close please