Need help with this scene/background please

Hi, I am trying to make a scene with a laptop and someone displayed with a description about them and what they do. But I am not sure how to make it work or fit as a background. I have the laptop overlay but I’m having trouble with making it work…

Can anyone help with this?

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From what I interpreted, it sounds like you might need a separate custom background to go with this, too? I’m not sure, though…

Well I wanted to kind of show the laptop screen and INT. RESTAURANT BOOTH - NIGHT in the back like behind the laptop and on the laptop screed show the character I am using and maybe a description next to her…

This is her
laptop OL
This is the laptop overlay

you need to seprate the background that you want to be on the screen and make the laptop screen part transperant

I have been trying to make it work but I am doing it wrong because it won’t work lol… I am not sure what to do