Need help with this


Can someone turn this background from night to day?

And does anyone has a bus overlay and bus seats background?



Episode harmony can





Oh okay thanks.
Can you just tell me when will it be done?



Do you mean you want it like this? (Sorry, it’s the best I can do) If not, please specify (for the others as well)
I can make you a bus overlay. Bus seats…, no I don’t, but I have these:
The airplane seats look kind of, I guess:

(Or you can take the original blue from the art catalog)
And here’s a bus overlay (from Episode)

Sorry for the time taken!
Have a good day! :heart:


Thank you! And I meant to turn from the night to the day.
But I still love how you did it! Thank you!


No problem! I’ll try again, I’ll post on if I can make it more day like, because the lights can’t be turned off, it’s slightly hard, sorry!


Thank you, it’s okay if you can’t make it, I know it’s hard to turn from nigh to day lol.


Hey, is this better? Feel free to ask for changes if not!


Thank you! I’ll use that one! should I credit you?


No need! They’re all free of credit, I just enjoy helping people around. Thank you! :heart:


Okay, that is really a great thing to do! Keep up with the great work!


Is this good?


Yes! Thank you!


No worries I am here to help :blush: