Need Help with Titles for Your Story or Ideas on Possible Covers?

Hey! I thought it would be fun to help each other out with title or cover ideas, in case someone has a plot planned out but isn’t sure what to call their story or how they would like their cover to be.
Feel free to contribute!

Please comment on what title you’re going to go with if you like any of the ideas, so we avoid any repeats.

Just post the following info:

1. Genre(s)
2. Short synopsis
3. Important themes
4. Extra details you think are important to mention

Just to be clear, I am not proposing to make any covers. This thread is here to just give ideas on what kind of title or cover you may want to use for your story. (There are many talented artists on the forum that can help design covers).

Here are a few links to some art shops you might want to check out:

Artists, please let me know if you would like me to remove the links to your art shops and/or untag you

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Here are some ideas I had in mind, just to give an idea of what type of titles I can come up with:

  • Just a Coincidence?

  • The Glorious Days

  • Heroes in Hiding

  • Unveiling the Truth

  • The Royal Imposter

  • On the Fly

  • Walking into a Trap

  • Love, Angie (or whatever name you want it to be)

  • Dancing Under the Stars

  • Dangerous for You

  • Don’t Judge Me!

  • The Holiday Party

(I tried to make sure none of these were on the app, but if you have an unpublished story with one of these titles or know of any stories with these titles, please let me know. I’ll take it off the post).


Awww thanks for tagging me! This thread sounds very fun! All best with this forum post!

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Of course, and thank you! If you or anyone you know needs any help with coming up with a title or a cover idea, lmk! And if you have any ideas, that would be great too :relaxed:

You can keep my tag up! And I wish you the best with this thread :relaxed::black_heart:

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Hey! Feel free to PM about titles and cover ideas, if you are looking for a title/cover idea but don’t want to post on this thread :relaxed:

Sooo I don’t really have a genre yet but I hope you can help me if I post my description only… If not that’s okay… So here is the description of my story : After her parents disappeared Aaliyah is forced to follow into their foodsteps and become the youngest and first female leader her gang has ever seen. Will she be able to lead like her parents did?

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Hey! Thanks for checking out this thread :relaxed:
Here are some titles I came up with:

  • Rising to the Challenge
  • The Chosen Leader
  • Her Fatal Fate
  • Broken Power
  • Never Been Better

Let me know if you like any of these and/or would like me to rework or suggest more titles. Also, if you would like any cover idea suggestions, let me know if you have any specific themes in mind.

If there’s more of a mystery element in the story, I could probably suggest better titles to suit that mood.

Thank you soo much! These are very good I’ll see if I will use them :blush: Thank you

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No problem! If you choose to go with any of these, please let me know so others can avoid using the same title.

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