Need help with titles need more asap

This is the description :sparkles:

An author and tattoo artist. Cross paths during a holiday both here for the same cause to relax and get away from stress. Will they cause each other more stress? Or will they help each other loosen up

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Here are some :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Unchain my heart.
  2. Perfect Peace.
  3. Venomous Cure.
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My Stress Buster
Mr. and Mrs. Stress buster
My peace place
Cured Heart
Curing Soul
Taming my Stress partner

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Ahhh amazing :smiley:

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Love ittt​:heart::heart:

Bump need more✨️


here’s some i’ve come up with :))

  1. Noxious Antidote
  2. My Antidote
  3. Toxic Bliss
  4. Noxious Bliss
  5. Toxic Innocence
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  • Inked Peace

I can’t think of any I prefer more than that one but here are a few more anyway =

  • Tatted Peace
  • Peaceful
  • Living Peace
  • Living Nightmare
  • The Stress of Relaxing

Hope these help or give you some sort of inspiration (:

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Your probs not looking anymore, but I just thought of this. Writing your Art
(cuz the authour is writing and the tattoo artist is drawing)
Drawing Your Heart
Writing Your Heart
(Dependes who the MC is )

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