Need help with transition

So I’m having this scene which starts with a fade in transition but the first speech bubble pops up after the transition.

Is there any way to have the fade in transition happen at the same time when the speech bubble pops up?

This is the script:

@cut to zone 3
@/NIGEL spot 0.078 172 445 in zone 3
@/NIGEL moves to layer 0
@/MELANIE spot 0.078 182 445 in zone 3
@/MELANIE moves to layer 1
@/NIGEL faces right
@/MELANIE faces left
@/zoom on 818 220 to 1422% in 0
@/transition fade in white in 2

@/speechbubble is 183 287 to 100% with tail_top_left
NIGEL (talk_awkward)
Yada yada yada.
@/speechbubble reset

There’s no way as you can’t use & for transition, maybe try to use shorter transition also use & for your character placement :slight_smile: there won’t be a weird pause before the scene starts

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Thanks, I’ll try that!

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