Need help with typed in names

Hello dear Episodians,
When we let the readers type in their name, we address it throughout the story as [NAME] like this. But when we want to narrate things, normally we put it like NARR (CHAR NAME), can someone please tell me how does this work for the [NAME]? I tried NARR ([NAME]), but that shows an error. Thank you. :blush:

you just write whats your character is called it will change it

example default my MC is called JANE, I always call them jane makes it easy for me

when people pick name I write [JANE] when mention it, the JANE in speachbubble will be what name they picked, and so will it in narration box,


For narrations you still just use the script name as you normally would. :relaxed:

Narration here.
Narration here.
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Thank you so much. :blush:

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Thanks a lot. :blush:

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No worries!

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