Need Help with Understanding My Story Rank

I do not understand my story rank at all. I’ve never understood how it goes since I’ve been writing on the episode platform. In the writer’s portal it says that my rank is 3062 (#1469 in Romance). Does that mean that the number of readers that are reading my story is going up?

I think the first number (3062, in your case) is the Trending User Story Rank-where your story is trending compared to all others, in all genres while the 1469 is your trend rank among all stories in the romance section compared with only romance stories.

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I don’t get it as well, my story goes from 40000 to 1000 in less than a day and then back to 40000 the next day. That’s just so weird for me


Okay so the higher the numbers, the more people are noticing and reading my story right?

It actually depends on the readers, if a person only reads one chapter then that would ruin the rank you currently have. But if some person started reading your story and reads it all the way then that will increase your rank

But how would you know if a person only reads one chapter of your story? I don’t understand that.

If a person only reads the first chapter you can tell by your rank, let’s say that you were in 1469 (3062 in romance) that will increase the rank which i say is bad for some people

The lower the numbers the better.

Rank #1 in genre (romance) is where your story is shown at the very beginning of your genre.

Rank #1 in Trending is where you are #1 in the trending section.

The higher the number the further people will have to scroll across to see your story.

But, if your story is Rank #1 in the trending section, doesn’t that mean that your number is higher?

If you are ranked #1 in trending, then your story is the most popularly read story (at that time) being read and has the best retention.
Most people aim to be within the top 100 of their chosen genre as more people are likely to come across their story and read.

Ohh I think I get it. So since my story is #1469 in romance that means that people are noticing my story even though my rank is low right?

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Your rank means that it will be difficult for anyone to come across your story as it would take a lot of scrolling to find. But readers are finding your story through recommendations and you advertising it. Otherwise you would be a lot lower (there are around 60,000+ romance stories).
So some people are noticing it, but more people will notice your story the better your rank becomes.

Ohhh I see!!! I get it :slight_smile: thanks so much for explaining it to me.

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Think of ranks more like first place, second place, etc.

If you go to the trending user stories and scroll through, the first one will be rank one, the second rank two and so on. The other number is the same but for the specific genre of your story.

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