Need Help with Unique Ideas for Mean Girls!

The story i am writing has the stereotypical mean girl, but for my story i wanted her to be different and have more to her (maybe a surprising/interesting backstory). Does anyone have any ideas on how to make the mean girl in my story different than being the way it’s usually portrayed because i don’t want her to seem predictable.

If you need some information on her/the story:
The story takes place at a college in New York. The mean girl’s name is Stella and her dad is a powerful man and she continues to threaten the MC because she feels threatened by her since the MC has a reputation of her own and is new to the college. (If you need any extra information let me know!)

Thank you so much for anyone willing to help and any idea will be greatly appreciated! :white_heart::white_heart:


I mean you can add more depth to the mean girl’s personality of you want to make her different by giving her a backstory, flaws, little quirks, or different sides to her that isn’t seen or known by everyone.

Like, the mean girl may be mean to most people but she does actually have a soft spot for her close friends. Or, maybe the mean girl is secretly into playing video games but she’s embarrassed about it so she keeps it a secret and only shares her love for video games with people she trusts.


Thank you so much for telling me this idea, this rlly helps and i will definitely give her a different aspect to her that makes her stand out compared to the stereotypes and to make her more interesting for the readers to find out about!
Thank you i appreciate u taking the time to read and answer!


Yeah no problem! If you need any help or ideas feel free to ask me!


Thank you so much! :see_no_evil:

I have some ideas
She can feel self conscious about her self and tries to be a people pleaser even tho it doesn’t make her happy so she lashes out that negativity to those who seem weak to her. And so when she’s alone she would break down and wanna talk to someone about wat she’s going thru but can’t bc no one understands and she goes thru the stereo type of “rich dad spoil girl with perfect life” where technically she feels like her actions is her dad actions and if she messes up it would make him bad and the dad would be strict with her and hardly spend time with her and it can make her feel more alone and more stress and continue using those feelings out on others

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omg i love this idea! it’s so different and exactly what i’m looking for. this will definitely give more depth to her character! and have the readers feel different towards her!
Thank you so much for ur idea, it’s great! :white_heart::sneezing_face::see_no_evil:

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Np I’m glad u liked it :grin:,
Send me a link to ur story when it’s out
I’ll love to read it :grin:

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ok i will tehe :relieved::relieved:

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well, real mean girls are master manipulators

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that’s true they always have a hidden agenda and can fool most ppl abt their true intentions :thinking:

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I’m not particularly a huge fan of mean girls as they are overused but a great example of a well written mean girl is Tanya Maddox from the story ‘Rivals’ by Monica.
This might contain spoilers for those who haven’t read the story so proceed carefully.

Tanya isn’t your average mean girl; she is an obnoxious brat, has a killer fashion sense and fantastic debater. She is constantly in throat of Quinn (MC) but we get to see her humane side (She admits that Quinn is a beautiful and smart girl, shows that she cares about people etc)

Tanya also has a twin brother named Travis (who btw is who I ship with the MC but Seth is a precious bean too) and from the beginning we can see that Tanya and Travis don’t really get along but through it we can see how much she actually cares about Travis and what he thinks of her even though she might not express it.

You should read the story as it is a great story with great character development. Now coming back to your story; you mention that Stella is the daughter of a powerful man and clashes with the MC cuz she feels threatened, I feel that it’s a cliche. Maybe they have clashing personalities??

IMO, the best “Hate relationships” occur between people who have clashing but similar traits e.g. maybe they are both ambitious people and want to win a tournament but the MC likes winning with fair play and team work whereas the mean girl might like achieving it by being the best of the best and doing all the work by herself? Maybe they are both extremely comfortable in their skins like they have self confidence and aren’t insecure but the MC expresses that self confidence by being humble and being unphased by negativity whereas the stella might express that through arrogance and when faced with negativity she might return with snarky remarks. Another example of this might be that they both care highly about their brother. The MC might have a bantery relationship with her younger brother and Stella might have a relationship that is not very expressive where they constantly bicker but they truly care for one another and express it in the dark and silent moments.

People tend to get along with opposites than people who are similar to them and rather than the typical cliche where both characters are opposites, have them being very similar but approach things differently.

I would love to help you with character developments, if you like, just send a message.

Hope this helps.

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This is amazing, you are so detailed and explained everything so well! This is exactly what I mean, I’m trying not to make my story in any cliche way as possible bcz I dont want the story to be predictable. Thank you for giving me an example of a character development from a diff story bcz I realize that having strong character development is a very major part of the stories so that the readers can fall in love/hate with the characters. I appreciate you giving me a different approach of how to portray the mean girl and the way she behaves and will for sure implement it in my story!
I think you would be rlly helpful with the character developments in my story and will most likely take you up on that offer haha. Again thank you so much! :see_no_evil: :white_heart: :sneezing_face:

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Hehe, thanx. I try though and I would love to work with you further. I’m only 15 but I have tonnes of reading experience and some writing experiences. My advice wasn’t very direct with your story but rather more general and I would love to help you further. You mentioned about the mean girl but what is the main plot centered around?

Knowing your plot and characters I can give more specific advice if you would like.

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I have an idea! I also love how your trying to make it different than the cliche classical mean girl.

You could have her be insecure about herself so she is mean to people who make her insecure about herself, or something like that🤷‍♀️ Or she was treated badly by her family or friends when she was younger, so now she’s “just doing what she was taught” Idk lol.

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yes of course i’d love to, i’ll send u more details on PM, unless u have an instagram, we could message there?

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yes i’m trying to have the mean girl seem more interesting and i feel like that would definitely do the job! these r great ideas, thank u! :pleading_face::relieved:

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I don’t have insta yet but PM, will be waiting for it.

I’m certainly glad that you’re trying to avoid the classic mean girl trope! I don’t really have an idea for her personality per say, but just some personal advice for something that often bothers me when I come across mean girls in stories.

Try to avoid making the mean girls life centered too much around the MC. Like I’ve seen so many stories where a mean girl without any reason just wants to ruin the MC’s life like it’s her only purpose on earth. It’s often what to me rids the mean girl of personality and it just seem really unrealistic and pathetic.

No problem!