Need help with with having a character lay down on a bed

I really need help so i am having my character lay down on the bed but cant seem to place her. she is up in the air here is an image:

the image won’t show up for me

i just edit it

check here :slight_smile:

🆕 SPOT CHEAT SHEET: Episode Bed Spots Templates

If it is LL:

@GIRL spot 0.8 190 388 in zone 2 AND GIRL faces left AND GIRL starts idle_lay_awake_neutral_loop

This should work

I went on there and did the teen for the girl but she was still in the air

I will double check spots for this background :blush:

thanks for helping so much

i trying that now to see if it will work

it’s right in the document, @sahra.episode just shared the right one with you :slight_smile:

this what i did i used the one you gave me is i placing the character wrong

Exactly :))
The direct link to the right document is

It works for me, I’m gonna read through it again

Could you show me what you typed in now?

yes sure here

Remove the “enters from left to screen center”.
Under the preview it shows the wrong coordinates, although you typed it right. Are you sure you saved the new coordinates?

did i type something wrong i not sure:woman_shrugging:t3:

Maybe try it through spot directing?

how do i save the cordinates