Need help with writing a story

Hey fellow members… my friend needs help with choices…can someone please help.
Here’s what she said
I have a problem with my story I hope you could help

If I want to make a dress choice you must use “red dress” but I can’t to that sign (") I don’t know what to do😕
I’m eagerly waiting for a reply to help her…

It’s weird that you can’t do it with your keyboard, but anyway

If you click on this it should appear

or you could copy it (command + C) and paste it (command + V)

try this: change the name blue_with_black to Blue with black (or other) without the _

maybe he understad that as a code command

a choice shall look like this


“option 1” {

“option 2” {


you have not added this “” . and you dont need this _ in a choice just use a space

Thank u all it was really helpful :blush: