Need help with writing a warewolf story!

Hi, I need help in writing a warewolf story. I’ve read a bunch of them on episode when I was younger but forgot details like what age the MC would shift and what age it’s normal to find your mate. I’ll put below the list of things I need help with and if anyone has something I’ve not put on the list, please feel free to share. :blush: :blush:

  • What age wolves shift into their wolf form
  • What age it’s normal for wolves to find their mates
  • What happens during the mating process
  • Can the wolf inside come out as human
  • What exactly is a rogue
  • How the whole beta, alpha and gamma thing works and what they are
  • Do eyes change colour when they find their mate

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Hi! Please note that I don’t have any knowledge on werewolves, but here are the answers I was able to get. I’m not sure how accurate they are so I hope you get another reply. :heart:

What age wolves shift into their wolf form

In werewolf mythology, the age at which individuals shift into their wolf form can vary. However, it’s commonly portrayed that werewolves undergo their first transformation during adolescence or puberty. This period of hormonal changes and physical development is often associated with the awakening of their werewolf abilities. Keep in mind that you have creative freedom in shaping your werewolf lore, so you can adjust the age of transformation based on your story’s needs.

What age it’s normal for wolves to find their mates

In werewolf mythology and stories, there is no specific age considered “normal” for werewolves to find their mates. The age at which werewolves find their mates can vary depending on the author’s interpretation or the specific rules established within the story’s universe.

Some stories portray werewolves finding their mates during their teenage years, suggesting that they may experience their first mating bond during adolescence. Other stories present the idea that werewolves may find their mates at any point in their lives, whether it’s during their younger years or later in adulthood. In most stories, werewolves find their mates when they are around the age of 18-20.

It’s worth noting that the concept of “mate” in werewolf stories often involves a deep and lifelong connection, so the timing of finding a mate may be significant in the character’s personal journey and the overall plot. However, the age range can differ from one werewolf story to another, so there is no fixed or universally accepted age for werewolves to find their mates.

What happens during the mating process

In werewolf stories, the mating process typically involves a deep and profound bond forming between two werewolves who are destined to be mates. The exact details of the mating process can vary depending on the specific story or mythology being portrayed. Here are some common elements often found in werewolf mating rituals:

Recognition: Werewolves have an instinctual ability to recognize their mate. They may feel an immediate and undeniable connection upon first meeting or have a sense of familiarity and attraction.

Bonding: The werewolf mates form a powerful emotional and spiritual bond. This bond is often described as a soulmate connection, where they become inseparable and deeply attuned to each other’s thoughts and emotions.

Marking: Mating often involves a physical marking to signify the bond. This can be a bite, scratch, or other visible mark left by the dominant or alpha werewolf on their mate. The mark can serve as a symbol of ownership, protection, or commitment.

Consummation: The mating process may involve a sexual encounter between the werewolf mates, typically during the full moon when their powers and desires are heightened. This act further solidifies their bond and strengthens their connection.

Protection and Loyalty: Once mated, werewolves are fiercely protective of their mates and prioritize their safety and well-being above all else. They exhibit unwavering loyalty and dedication to each other, often willing to fight and sacrifice for their mate.

These elements can vary depending on the your interpretation and the specific werewolf mythology being depicted in the story. Different werewolf tales may emphasize different aspects of the mating process or introduce unique elements to enhance the romance or tension in the story.

Can the wolf inside come out as human

In many werewolf stories, the werewolves typically have the ability to transform from human to wolf form and vice versa. This transformation allows them to shift between their human and wolf selves. During the full moon or when experiencing intense emotions or triggers, the wolf side of the werewolf may become more dominant, leading to a physical transformation into a wolf.

However, it’s important to note that the specifics of werewolf mythology can vary across different stories and interpretations. Some stories may include variations where the werewolves have more control over their transformations or have additional forms such as a hybrid form that combines human and wolf characteristics.

Ultimately, as the creator of your werewolf story, you have the creative freedom to establish the rules and abilities of your werewolf characters. You can decide whether the wolf inside can manifest in human form, if there are limitations or conditions for such transformations, and how it impacts the characters and the story.

What exactly is a rogue?

A rogue typically refers to a werewolf who does not belong to or abide by the rules of a werewolf pack or community. A rogue werewolf is often portrayed as a lone wolf, someone who operates independently and does not adhere to the social structure and hierarchy of a pack.

Rogues are often seen as outcasts or renegades within the werewolf society. They may choose to live a solitary life, separate from the established pack dynamics, or they may form their own groups or alliances with other rogues. They can be characterized as unpredictable, rebellious, and potentially more dangerous since they do not have the guidance or oversight of a pack.

In werewolf stories, the presence of a rogue can introduce conflict and tension, as their actions may disrupt the balance and stability of the werewolf community. They may be seen as a threat by other werewolves and may face opposition or attempts to bring them back into the fold or eliminate them altogether.

How the whole beta, alpha and gamma thing works and what they are

In werewolf mythology, the terms “beta,” “alpha,” and “gamma” are often used to describe the hierarchical structure within a werewolf pack.

  1. Alpha: The alpha is the leader of the werewolf pack. They are typically the strongest, most dominant, and most experienced werewolf in the group. Alphas are responsible for maintaining order, making decisions for the pack, and protecting its members. They possess leadership qualities and often have the final say in pack matters. The alpha’s authority is typically established through physical strength, dominance, and charisma.

  2. Beta: Betas are the second-in-command in the pack hierarchy. They are loyal followers of the alpha and act as their trusted advisors and enforcers. Betas are usually strong, capable werewolves who support and assist the alpha in maintaining the pack’s structure and enforcing its rules. They may have specific responsibilities within the pack, such as leading hunting parties or training new members. Betas are respected within the pack and hold a position of authority among lower-ranking members.

  3. Gamma: The term “gamma” is less commonly used in werewolf lore compared to alpha and beta. However, in some interpretations, gammas are considered the lowest-ranking members of the pack hierarchy. They are subordinate to both the alpha and beta and have fewer privileges and responsibilities within the pack. Gammas may be newer or younger members who have not yet fully established themselves or proven their worth. They often defer to the alpha and beta and follow their lead.

It’s important to note that the precise definitions and roles of these terms can vary in different werewolf stories or mythologies. The concepts of alpha, beta, and gamma werewolves are often used to create an organized social structure within the werewolf community and to establish power dynamics and conflicts within the narrative.

Do eyes change colour when they find their mate

In werewolf mythology, it is a common trope for the eyes of werewolves to change color when they find their mate. The change in eye color is often depicted as a physical manifestation of the emotional and spiritual bond between mates. It symbolizes the deep connection and intense attraction that exists between the two werewolves.

The specific color change can vary depending on the story or interpretation. It is often described as a vibrant or glowing transformation, with colors such as gold, silver, amber, or even a distinct shade unique to the werewolf pair. The change in eye color serves as a visual cue to other werewolves and supernatural creatures that the individual is mated and off-limits.

However, it’s important to remember that werewolf mythology is fictional and can vary across different stories and sources. The concept of eye color changing when werewolves find their mates is a popular element in many werewolf tales, but the details and specifics may differ depending on the your imagination and the story’s world-building.

I hope you’re able to get one or two things from this! If you have any more questions, you can ask and I’ll research again! :white_heart:


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I don’t have much knowledge about them but since I read quite a lot of werewolves stories so I remember quite a lot things about them

From what I’ve read in stories.
Some werewolves are able to shift at the age of 16-18 while some of them take their time and shift when are in their 20s but 18 is the accurate age

Few of them put 18 normal age in their stories while some 20 or 22

It can when it shifts, but when the first time a wolf shifts (human turns into a wolf)
Their bones aches and its hard for them to handle the wolf at first but then gets used to it. They need to get naked first in order to turn into a wolf form, their clothes will be torn while shifting anyways

Yes they do, You can put any eye colour except red cuz vamps have red eyes

Hope that helps you :blob_hearts:


@Rose_Writes Good Afternoon @Rose_Writes

Werewolf shift into their wolf form at age 11 to 14. When they reach that stage, their bodies begin to alter swiftly, and their urges to morph become increasingly strong, almost uncontrollably.


This is a werewolf transformation video that show on how a werewolf form.

Also, werewolf can transformation into many forms such as their body change, hair fell, eyes change and much more. Once they are Tigger from something that trouble them. @Rose_Writes

The age normal for wolves to find their mates are 18 but you could have added an age you wanted the werewolf for mate to be found such as 21, 23, or any number that make you feels comfortable.

Werewolves usually find their mate after their first shift. This usually happens between the age of 16 and 17. Mates, especially the males, are very possessive of each other.

if you can make mate build a wall into his thoughts. A werewolf mate can build a wall on his brain. By doing this, his werewolf mate won’t be able to read his thoughts or feel his emotions.

Meaning anything that his mate tries to see his ability or feels his emotions would not show like being near him and seeing his reaction.

During Werewolf mating. Both male and female get attached meaning feeling. it will be challenging to control their feeling but if you wanted to add a plot swift like male can feels female pain or anything that can be seen, or touch would be fine for werewolf.

When a male werewolf finds a potential mate, his body produces a purring mechanism with his voice. This has the power to seduce his potential mate. The potential mate also has to be closer to the male werewolf for this to work. However, a female werewolf’s body prepares itself to attract potential mates.

However, a female werewolf’s body prepares itself to attract potential mates. In particular, a female werewolf’s hair grows longer. On top of that, the female werewolf becomes taller. Her chest also becomes bigger. This is called the mating age. Plus, when werewolves become more mature, they start finding their mates.

Werewolves are known to mark their mates. In particular, they do this by marking the area where the male werewolf bites his female mate. This often happens between the neck and shoulder. Once the female werewolf gets marked, half of the bond is completed.

After the marking process, the werewolf mate feels the bond growing stronger. Werewolf mate A and werewolf mate B then feel each other emotions. They will be able to read each other’s thoughts as well.

A rogue is a dishonest, deceitful, and unreliable person.

Rogues are werewolves that have ran away from their pack to live on their own in the wild. Usually rogues run away because they do not like their Alpha or pack. They claim to not want anyone to rule them because they listen to no one. @Rose_Writes

What make werewolf angry and transformation to their wolf?
Most werewolves have a trigger that makes them transform. For example, if a werewolf is in human form and it gets too hyper, it will transform. Other werewolf triggers are getting too angry, getting hurt, getting too much adrenaline, or to protect something or someone, and even fire.

What change werewolf eyes? Also, werewolf eyes can change as they are very angry or pissed off. Werewolf eyes can change color depending on their mood and state of mind.

What could I have added to make Mc werewolf meet each other? You could have added a challenge were something about to happen to his mate before he even finds out about her. Maybe she was in a place at the same time as him. You could have added an accident happening or even like something bad about to hurt the Mc were he safe her life.


This is an example on what I am talking about were Mc meet each other. If you are adding a plot twist or something that shown on how him and her met each other. @Rose_Writes

What does werewolf eat? In their wolf form, werewolves require fresh meat in order to survive. In human form, werewolves can eat whatever they please. However, you will not find a vegetarian werewolf since they aren’t able to survive on a meat-free diet.

Werewolves need to eat flesh to live, whether it is raw or cooked flesh, they need to eat meat.

If a werewolf does not consume fresh meat, they will grow weak, and can even lose control. If a werewolf loses control, they can go on a rampage and eat humans or anything else in their way.

Werewolves have great senses and reflexes and are incredible hunters. There is not much that can stand between a werewolf and its prey.

They are most powerful during a full moon, and this is when they will be at their most dangerous. Werewolves can choose whether to shift or not and can shift at will, but when it is a full moon, they are more drawn to their wolf form, and more drawn to hunting and feeding.

Wolves in the wild hunt in packs, with an alpha, and while werewolves do not necessarily hunt in numbers, they do tend to live in packs and have one main alpha. It is thought that wolves living this way are more adapted to human society and are a lesser danger.

Also, you could have added art scene were mate transformation, if you prefer to do so for your readers to see Mate transformation. but it’s up to you to choose for your story. @Rose_Writes


Also, here is a Wolf transformation video coding to help you with your story @Rose_Writes. In case you are looking to code and add your werewolf character to transformation.

Here is a list of things that can guide you and help you with your werewolf story. @Rose_Writes

I agree with @AVeryniNe @louisewrites


Thank you so much for this, it’s definetly helped

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Thank you so much!

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Thank you so much, for all the aditional information. I really apreciate it :blush:


you’re welcome. happy to help. @Rose_Writes :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Also, I added a video link werewolf transformation of coding for you. In case you needed the coding for your story. @Rose_Writes

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