Need help with writing - BEGINNER ✨

Hello! :slight_smile: I am new here and I don’t know most of the commands and things how to write. I must say it’s really hard (at least for me) :smiley: and I admire you all writers for doing such awesome stories :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :innocent: . I need help with how I can make character already sitting when I am using:

&pan to zone 2

I think that lots of writers did that in the INT. INTERN OFFICE - DAY with DESK OFFICE WOOD
I also need help with character placing in the right place, I need the character to be sitting at the desk. Thank you! :relaxed: :relaxed: :relaxed:


@JemU776 should be able to help, she’s really good & nice!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

also, welcome to the forums!! :blob_sun: :blob_hearts:


Okay, thank you so much! :heart::blush:

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Welcome to the forums sweetie :heart:

Here’s a link for some of the commands

And some guides to help you start

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Thanks! :relaxed: :heart: I already know about Dara Amarie’s guides, she have awesome templates on character CC :sparkles:

@anon6748744 :))

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