Need help with writing :)

Okay first of all i really didn’t think i would have seen myself writing a story but lately i find it a source of peace in my mind. I have started a story but i have only the first chapter but even with that one i’m not sure if i like it. like I know how i want my story to be but putting it on paper is hard. So is there someone who could help me or wants to co write it with me?

name of story
the secret of notes


When a girl transfers to a new school she meets the bad boy, who is also in a band. What wills they do when they catch feelings for each other, and they find out they are destined for each other. How will she deal with all the fangirls and jealousy?


I could try if I had time. No guarantee
But I not that good at coding

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Hi, I’m not the best at coding as I’m just working on my first story (currently unpublished), but I’m interesting in helping you think of ideas for your story.

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yeah i’m also not the best in coding but thats not my isue really but it is more writing the story in general haha

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Sure haha! You can message me here or on Instagram: @/epsdbri

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i will sent you a pm in a bit with a little more about my story and the first chapter so you can see what you think

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Great, sounds good!

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