Need help with your script?

Attention! If u want help with ur script wether is either a bug or an advice to make it better, reply to me here and I will be really happy to help you tag your friends or other people if they need also help n I would help them!:blush::grin:

By the way if u reply to me n I don’t answer back immidiaetly, it dosent mean that I’m ignoring or rejecting u I promise that I will tend to your problem as soon as I can.

My goal rn is to help writers be successful with their episode stories​:+1::blush: and if u ever need advice to how to make ur story better, be sure to tell me how n I would be glad to help you​:grin::grin:

Also don’t forget:

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I need help.

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What is the problem?

Well there’s an error. (sorry for late reply just got pack from school)

It’s ok :blush: can u show the error please

Lol. Wait there’s no error sorry. It’s just a warning. But I still need help.

Alright lol and what do u need help with?

A walking position.

So u want it to walk to a spot?


Put @CHARACTER walks to spot (whatever number u out) in (whatever time u want)

Thanks I also need help with something. Like if you do titles.

Ok tell me what it is

Genre: Fantasy
After waking up from a long concusion in a hospital, loses all your memories. You try to gain back your memories by falling asleep.

I was thinking of calling it “Sweet Dreams”.

I think u should call it: AMNESIA or Fading memories

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Okay :wink:

Be sure to tag people or tell people to come to this thread if they need help😊

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I’d love too. But um what is it called.

Just click on my profile and there will be all my topics