NEED HELP WITH YOUR STORY? (characters, backstory, chapters, and conflicts)

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Hi, @atsukowrites! I’m kind of in need of ideas on how the LI and MC meet.

MC- female
LI- male

Here are some details:
The LI was the MC’s childhood friend, and they were very close. The two of them started dating in high school, and made themselves official in senior year. After they graduated, they went their two separate ways at two different colleges. With all the craziness and drama of college life, they slowly grew apart. Eventually they decided to end things because they thought that they were better off without each other. They started to pretend that they don’t know each other, shoving those thoughts in the back of their minds.

Five years after graduating college…

The LI and MC meet each other at a coffee shop by the beach in LA. All their memories come flooding back. They’re not upset, sad, or angry. Rather, they just feel surprised, nervous, and a little sheepish. They’re unsure of what to say.

Can you help me figure out how exactly they’d go about meeting each other? I’m looking for something kind of along the humorous lines… but if not, that’s fine too! I don’t exactly want them to just be strolling along the beach and then the two of them walk by and say hi, I’d like something more original.

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Karol Alexis

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
Personality: She is a weird mixture of calm and aggressive at the same time. It depends on whom she is interacting with. Karol is the kind of person that you need to have on your side or otherwise is dangerous.
Family dynamic/childhood experience: It wasn’t too good, most of her impulsiveness comes from her early childhood (her family didn’t teach her good manners and emotional control).
Occupation:: She is studying at college.
Friends/family: Her friends are similar to her, the same applies to her family.
Goals/dreams: Visit China.
Relationship status: Single but with irrelevant flings.

details and outfit

Female Athletic Body
Neutral 04
Arched Natural Dark Brown
Long Curl Half Updo Brown Black
Round Medium Brown Dark
Defined Natural
Medium Downturned Pout Red Garnet Matte

Top And Button Up Mini Skirt Combo Suede Striped
High Top Sneakers Cotton Black White

  • Jeanette has a lot of friends, but she only has a close relationship with one of them. She now has a huge opportunity and they are all competing for that, but Jeanette was to pick her favorite friend, but she’s too afraid of doing something that will make her other friends feel sad or resentful.

  • There was a charity event occurring in the city. It was extremely important to Morgan, but everything went wrong for him. His family is now blaming him because the thieves stole an important piece of art.

I want to give an incentive to people so they request one of these things, so…

I will recommend the stories of the people who request some of these things on the “promote your story” corner. I consider myself an active member of this community, so I hope this motivates some of you <3

Random conflict: Anastacia was listening to music and cleaning her house, she wanted to distract since her beloved grandfather died. The problem? she bumped into his ashes and everything fell on the wet floor (she just cleaned it). This is a telenovelas type of drama, but maybe someone likes it :skull:

  • You can change the character’s name and gender if you like.
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Random backstory: Erii is a japanese girl who is introvert and loves to drive to small towns that bring her peace. This all reminds her to her family in Japan, they were quiet and peaceful. Eating at small rustic restaurants evoces the same love and comfort that her grandmother used to give her when she ate traditional Japanese food. She is nostalgic about her childhood (which was beautiful).

  • You can change the characters name, gender and nacionality.
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Romantic conflict: Nadia was having an important event and her family was ready to meet her partner. The problem is that everything went downhill when he decided to go for a run before the event. Louis didn’t notice the amount of time he spent excersing and realized that he was late for the event, so he ran extremely fast. The problem is that he fell on the floor and couldn’t’t go to the hospital until a car driver noticed him.

Nadie was furious with him, she called but his phone was at home. Then she felt bad when she noticed the real reason and visited him at the hospital, it wasn’t anything serious but Louis was nervous and just wanted to release stress.

Sorry, but I will have to do this again. I don’t want to oversaturate the forums, so I’m sorry.

I created a drive document to move all the old replies, please check this in case you are interested and haven’t read them yet. :slight_smile:

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Hey! Can I use this character.

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Of course! You just need to follow the rules and tell me the name of your story so I can promote it

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Yes sure should I tell the name now or after publishing

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You can PM when you publish it <333

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