Need help with zones!


Okay so i want my camera to kind of “pan” to a different zone but i want it to be zoomed to something specifically like “@zoom on 0 272 to 167% in 3” but in zone 2 of my BG and i cant seem to make the code do so. Help!


Ask these they might be able to help


Wdym by “ask these?”


Click on the link and ask them in the comments that is what the topics are about


Ill tag them here
@Dara.Amarie @RudeInception @WinterMoon05 @Apes


Am I correct that you want to pan to a different and zoom on something at the same time?


Thank you for tagging me. :blush:


Yes! :slight_smile:


Okay, cool, so what you would do is this-

@pan to zone # in T AND zoom on x y to % in T


Thank you sm! You stopped me from quitting episode! :joy: and @Episode.Cameronwrite


You’re welcome lol. :joy: PM me if you have any more questions. :wink: